Pure Mountain

Purposefully Pure

Project Overview
Pure Mountain is a range of wholesome food products produced by Agventure Ltd. All products are locally grown and produced to the highest standards using sustainable agriculture. Growing better crops, in ways that are more sustainable, and that consider the preservation of our land for the future. A challenge faced is that many of the products that Agventure has are not well known within the market. This is a challenge but also a huge opportunity.

The brand was only known for the Pure Mountain Canola Farm Oil range. As the client entered the market with a new range of products they needed a brand identity to help stand out from the noise. The marketplace is crowded. Therefore, differentiation matters. The space is saturated with boring brands, we want to make a difference with the way we look. Among this

  • Ensure there is interest in our products and convert them into sales
  • Create a brand that stands out and is memorable in packaging and communication
  • Create a brand that resonates with the target audience
The Challenge
How can we take a stand to stand out on the shelf?

With a newly defined purpose, Pure Mountain wanted to lead the way towards sustainable systems with its new range of products. Driven by intention, how do we build a fresh identity that positions Pure Mountain as the only choice for conscious consumers.

Through our analysis, we repositioned Pure Mountain as a bold choice for conscious food consumers. Designing a brand inspired by a new purpose and mission.

What Did Leap Do ?
  • Leadership One-on-One Engagement
  • Insights Gathering (On ground Research)
  • Desk Review
  • Best Practice Analysis
  • Internal Team Workshop
  • Purpose Definition
  • Vision and Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Crafting Manifesto
  • Visual Language and Identity – Brand Controls
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