Re-Establishing The Foundations Of A Legacy Brand

Project Overview
For ICEA LION, the Brand strategy process was geared towards alignment and overlap of its brand, business goals, and customer’s needs in a way that helped them understand, prioritize and focus on a clear vision and plan to help achieve their goals.

At its core, the process was centered on the consumer. Taking time to understand their motivations & goals and linking them to the brand’s reason for existence.

The ultimate goal is;

  • To turn the ICEA LION brand into an idea worth loving.
  • To build strong points of consumer association with the brand.
  • To create a brand story that aligns with the culture
The Challenge
Turning the fuzzy and complex to simple and clear

To simplify the brand so that it’s understood, easily remembered, own-able in the consumer’s heart & mind while being motivating enough to change consumer beliefs and behaviors.

Generally, the non-banking financial services space is perceived as complex. Sieving through this complexity to define that which is simple, meaningful and true was at the heart of this process. Translating insights gathered from a research exercise to articulate what matters to users and potential customers. Leap worked alongside key leadership to crystalize this message into a simple essence embodied in their “better together” promise.

What Did Leap Do ?
  • Leadership One-on-One Engagement
  • Insights Gathering
  • Desk Review
  • Best Practice Analysis
  • Internal Team Workshops
  • Purpose Definition
  • Vision and Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Crafting Manifesto
  • Visual Language and Identity – Brand Controls
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