Agventure Seed

Building A Brand From The Ground Up

Project Overview
How can we capture a story and narrative that embodies our true essence in a meaningful way? Who are we, what defines us and how do we position ourselves in a way that brings out our existence, purpose, promise, and value proposition in a way that is endearing to the users (farmers, Partners, Industry Players, and Collaborators)

With changes in climatic conditions as well as the continued growth of populations, Agventure together with strategic partners, seek to develop and grow a strong seed company focused on offering new and exciting seed ranges that move farmers across the region further along their journeys towards profitability, diversification, and resilience.

This has given birth to Agventure Seeds. In-order to move ahead successfully, they needed a brand … and a strategy.”

Jess de Boer
Agventure Seed & Trials Coordinator 

The Challenge
Building from the ground up

As brand consultants, we’re not farmers or scientists—yet we had to learn to think like one. Agventure seed’s offering is complex and together, we needed to bring to the surface key elements that define their existence, purpose, promise and value proposition in a way that is endearing to the users (farmers, Partners, Industry Players and Collaborators).

Collaboratively, we were able to extract industry knowledge from senior stakeholders, decoding their knowledge and making it digestible to outsiders. We engaged different farmer profiles through a qualitative study. We simplified what Agventure Seed does in a way that anyone could understand. Making it possible for the new venture to be well-positioned in a space that is filled with legacy players.

What Agventure Seed is offering is incredibly new – by making it more comprehensible, we could get farmers and even industry players to buy in sooner.

A brand that was fit for the future of resilient farming.

What Did Leap Do ?
  • Leadership One-on-One Engagement
  • Insights Gathering (On ground Research)
  • Desk Review
  • Best Practice Analysis
  • Internal Team Workshop
  • Purpose Definition
  • Vision and Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Crafting Manifesto
  • Visual Language and Identity – Brand Controls
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