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Using HCD to Unearth Challenges of Farmers In The Seed Value Chain

Project Overview
How do we create a deeper understanding of the Farmer’s Seed Value chain? Using this foundation, how can Agventure’s seed business deliver maximum value to the farmer while solving their most pressing issues?

With populations increasing and the number of farmlands decreasing, the importance of a farmer has only escalated. In the face of a rapidly changing climate and growing concerns for healthy foods, the ability to enhance agricultural outputs in a sustainable manner that ensures the health of our land continues from one generation to the next becomes more important than ever.

Seeds are the center of it all and the insights & research part of this project was focused on bringing out the realities of the seed value chain in a way that helps Agventure to create a strong value proposition.

The Challenge
How Can we Identify existing farmer groups and understand their realities, contexts, challenges and constraints while acquiring seeds?

Informed by insights, what is our clear and relevant value proposition?

What is the existing consumer buying journey and what are key moments of truth that can help us build competitive leverage?

What Did Leap Do ?

Engaged high-profile to mid-level farmers through qualitative research to build a stronger understanding of their contexts and challenges. Generated an insights report that covered

  • Market analysisFarmer Profiles: How can we best describe the existing farmer profiles? What are their defining needs, issues, and drivers of decision-making of the existing seed value chain?
    Understanding value: What constitutes value for our farmer profiles? What is their current customer journey? Which channels do they prefer and use?
  • Value PropositionProduct: What is the value proposition(s) to the different customer segments?
    Visualizing value: Looking at the farmer needs vs critical areas of adding value
  • Strategy & Implementation Plan
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