Building Africa’s Next Multinationals One Founder at a Time

Mavericks is a program designed to help SME’s, Entrepreneuers and Startup Founders push their ideas forward and create greater impact by unlocking the power and purpose within their brands.
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Helping SME’s,
Entrepreneuers and Startup
Founders Build, Scale and
Push Ideas Forward.

There is no shortage of ideas, just a range of obstacles preventing them from being realized.

For SME’s, Entrepreneuers and Startup Founders, the ability to overcome obstacles, navigate market challenges and transform ideas into viable enterprises will see the renaissance of world class brands that shape the future of Africa and beyond.

Enhancing your chances for success

We’re bringing together multiple solutions to help For SME’s, Entrepreneuers and Startup Founders, navigate market challenges, birth new enterprises and bring them to market with significantly enhanced chances of success?

Bringing together a collective of practitioners.

We work with For SME’s, Entrepreneuers and Startup Founders, to design solutions for impact. So we can turn ideas into world class brands and products that shape the future of Africa and beyond.
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Skill Up

From one-on-one coaching, workshops, tools and resources, we are creating systematic approach to birth new enterprises, bringing them to market with a significantly enhanced chance of success.


Connect with like-minded people, brought together by common goals to tackle the most common challenges of our time.


We seek to create a progressive relationship that goes beyond transactions, to deliver incremental growth that will see us turn ideas into thriving entities that can scale across the continent.
Access Workshops, Training and Resources
Through out the program, access a series of expertly designed workshops that are built to help you clarify your vision, position your brand and build a brand and market framework that supports implementation.
One on One Coaching and Support
Getting granular and dealing with bespoke challenges of each organization. This will be through our expert panel led by brand strategists.
Benefit From Valuable Partnerships
Creation of tools that support the Mavericks and their goals e.g. Affordable media through strategic partnerships, Implementation partners like digital experts and many more.
Turning Ventures into ideas that progress society
Real Transformation. Strong Products, Meaningful Brands and Clear Propositions that are well positioned in the marketplace


• Learn and build alongside a cohort of like-minded individuals from around the region.

Direct Support

• Access A+ category professionals to work with you on your business without incurring the costs of hiring them directly.

Clarify Your Vision

• Understand the drivers of your brand growth.

Build Strong Brands

• Simplify and clarify your value proposition and use that to build a strong brand story that is the foundation for your differentiation.

Implement Your Vision

• Build a framework to turn the brand strategy into action.

Build Strong Foundations

• Create clarity on your brand growth.

“Vision executed confidently will propel the transformation of ideas while building a community of thriving enterprises that will positively change the future of Africa”
Jimmy Mwangi
Leap Africa Lead Brand Strategist, Workshop Facilitator, Mavericks Lead Facilitator, + 15 years In Brand Building
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The Mavericks Program is part of Leap Africa. Collaborating with ambitious leaders brands and people to utilize the power of brand thinking to shape the future of Africa and beyond.