What Does Leap Do?
Impact Communication
At Leap We believe that everything is branding. From the emails you send, the products you put out, and the packaging people tear open. Everything. We also know that nowadays most things are digital. Not everything. But quite a bit. So how can you communicate with impact in a world where everyone and everything wants to stand out?
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Your Vision
How do you know you have a brand challenge?

You need to connect your products to an overall brand story that is meaningful and deeper in order to create differentiation.

You have a vision to sell and you need a big idea to package the story to your desired audiences.

You want to develop a strategy to support your communication goals and efforts.

You want to create diverse content, tools, and assets that help you build relevant communication that connects in a meaningful way.

You want to engage diverse stakeholders using different tools but utilizing a common theme to enhance familiarity and knowledge.

How do we work?
  • Uniquely collaborative

    We practice radical transparency between our teams and client partners — removing barriers and egos to come to the best solutions, together.

  • Human-Centred Process

    We distill your data through a strategic lens to reveal human insights tailored to your brand, not generic data available to all your competitors.

  • Iterative

    We use an iterative approach, placing value on people and interactions over prescribed methods and tools. This allows our projects to respond to change

  • Collaborative

    We wrap around clients’ project teams and the communities they serve, working alongside them to investigate a given problem space, making sense of its complexities and interrelationships, and proposing and testing new ways forward.

Informing and Influencing Stakeholders
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Campaign Design and Development
  • Behavior Change Campaign Development and Design
Content Creation and Production
  • Audio and Video Storytelling
  • Production

– Film

– Motion

– Design

– Illustration – Print

Digital Strategy
  • Digital Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Creating your digital brand toolkits

Develop and Implement Media Campaigns

  • Management of Media Campaigns
  • Media Strategy
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Impact Communication

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