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At Leap, we are pragmatic experts in understanding the dynamics of users and audiences. Enabling you to move on market opportunities with the right plan, actions, and messaging.
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How do you know you have a brand challenge?

You're launching a new brand, product, or initiative that requires you to build strong propositions that support go-to-market efforts.

You need to strengthen existing products and understand the contexts and dynamics of users, communities, and customers.

You want to Accelerate employee engagement and participation to drive culture change.

You want to evaluate the impact of your brand in order to refresh and strengthen your positioning, purpose, and vision.

You want to get to the core of your brand’s existence. Something deeper and meaningful that links what you do to society, people and the planet. Bringing to the surface your key difference, uniqueness, and onliness while using this to strengthen your brand plan and communication efforts.

How do we work?
  • Systematic But Not Formulaic

    While we have a process, we recognize that no two design problems are the same, just as no two clients are alike. We adapt our ways of working to fit seamlessly into the teams we work with in order to deliver tailored support where it’s most needed.

  • Human-Centred Process

    We distill your data through a strategic lens to reveal human insights tailored to your brand, not generic data available to all your competitors.

  • Iterative

    We use an iterative approach, placing value on people and interactions over prescribed methods and tools. This allows our projects to respond to change

  • Collaborative

    We wrap around clients’ project teams and the communities they serve, working alongside them to investigate a given problem space, making sense of its complexities and interrelationships, and proposing and testing new ways forward.

Surface opportunities for new ideas, products, and interventions
  • Identify Barriers To Tackle
  • User Insights and Segmentation
  • Design Tangible Pilot Solutions and Test Them
  • Digital User Experience Strategy
  • Identify Growth Opportunities
  • Brand Extension Analysis
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How Leap is Helping Leaders Tackle Today’s Challenges.

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