What Does Leap Do?
Brand transformation
At Leap, we go beyond applying a fresh coat of paint. We focus on taking the steps to create a clear vision of the future for your business or organization. Whether you’re a household name or the next big thing, Leap’s goal is to anchor your brand to deliver and adapt to our ever-changing environment.
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How do you know you have a brand challenge?

You’re trying to bridge the gap between how the market perceives you and how your organization is percieved.

You’re trying to come up with a concise brand story that is relevant, clear, and meaningful.

Markets have evolved and you’re trying to establish a new path to play and win.

You’re trying to build products that connect at a higher level in a meaningful way that represents what you stand for and the change you’re making.

You’re trying to understand how to bring your brand to come to life across platforms.

You have products within the marketplace but nothing connects them to a strong narrative or to a stronger purpose.

How do we work?
  • We believe in co-creation

    There’s so much knowledge and value within your internal teams. We wrap around your project teams. Working alongside them to investigate a given challenge. Involving, collaborating but not prescribing

  • Real Transformation

    We do the hard inner work to bring to the surface, what defines your existence, purpose, promise, and value proposition in a way that is endearing to the internal and external stakeholders

  • Clarity First

    We believe clarity is a superpower. The game is not just about who is the loudest, it’s about who is the clearest. Clarity helps us connect in a meaningful way.

  • A shared vision for progress

    Our work reflects our optimism and ambition for the future. We partner with leaders to shape world-class organizations, impactful institutions, and empowered communities.

  • Measure twice, cut once

    Strategy is the invisible thread behind successful brands. Through strategy, companies can learn, make tough and right decisions about themselves, their products and initiatives before jumping on huge spending. Enhancing their impact, and scaling in a sustainable way.

Defining Ambitions & Establishing Clarity

Building the foundations of your brand while connecting you to your highest level of impact. This involves getting to your core, discovering your value and clarifying it in a meaningful way. Boosting revenue and maximizing ROI

  • Achieve brand alignment
  • Find the “big idea”
  • Define your differentiation
  • Clarify purpose and vision
  • Frame core values
  • Define who, what, how
  • Claim brand position
  • Craft attributes
  • Define tone of voice
  • Craft verbal persona
  • Write brand story
  • Create messaging kit
  • Draft key copy
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How Leap is Helping Leaders Tackle Today’s Challenges.

Brand transformation

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