Clarity Is A

Leap exists to help brands become more meaningful, relevant and clear. To bring to the forefront what matters to their people, stakeholders, users, communities and the planet.


What is your most powerful difference and how can you use it to build momentum, create influence, attract talent, and connect with audiences?


Use your brand as a compass to drive growth. Using the power of clarity to help leaders scale and expand the Impact of their brand.


When leaders have a strong sense of who they are and the tools to express it, they can lead with confidence and adapt to an ever-changing world.
The Impact of Our Work
Working with leaders who are looking to scale and expand the Impact of their brand.
Leap’s work involves designing the blueprint for success using the power of clarity to help leaders connect to their highest level of impact and transform brands into ideas that progress society
Principles of Our Work
  • Find The Root Cause
    Together we identify root causes and create a real path to problem. solving.
  • Understand First, Then Act.
    We first seek to understand people, their contexts, dynamics and realities. It’s the only path to building meaningful connections with them.
  • Where are we going?

    Vision defines possibilities. We are here to help you find new ways to make the most of your possibilities to creat real value for your audiences.

  • Be Clear about What Matters
    To be understood externally, we must first seek internal clarity
  • Creativity and Clarity are Cousins
    Clarity allows us to focus on what matters. Creativity allows us to use this clarity to transcend ideals, norms and patterns.

Who Does Leap Work With?

Clients who have something more to contribute to society and want to build deeper connections with their audiences. Clients who are no longer content with going with the flow but in being in control of the direction they take. Not just marching to the beat of the drum, but making the beat.

Consider Leap and extension of your team

Leap is pragmatic in understanding the dynamics of users and audiences. Enabling you to move on the market opportunities with the right plan, brand and messaging.

Sectors We Serve
Client Industries

Agriculture. Finance. Insurance. Agritech. Service. FMCG. Food. E-commerce and more